Young Girls from the Middle Ages

The Realm of St. Casimir

On Tuesday, August 3, I was able to visit with students enrolled in the summer camp at St. Casimir School in Baltimore, MD. We talked about life in a castle, what medieval children played with and what school and lessons might have been like. I really liked the question about how kids used the bathroom!

We had a great time writing with our quills and ink! Lots of really neat letters were made. Bella made a beautiful design with her quill, and Seth wrote a letter. We made some ink blobs, but everyone’s work was terrific.

The students let me introduce them to my medieval princesses, Gisela, Adele, Isabelle, Gevrehan and Mary. I had a great time with all of the students and hope to return for some classroom visits or some Girl Scout events.

Many thanks to Ms. Mary Finecey and Anna Schwirian. Hope to see you all soon!

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