Young Girls from the Middle Ages

Mary series reviewed by Alan Caruba

The Mary books, Mary’s Story and Mary’s Holiday Story, by Tiffany Jansen were reviewed by Alan Caruba on his book review blog. The review appears about halfway through the post under “Books for Younger Readers.” Here’s what he had to say about the Mary Series:

“Tiffany Jansen offers girls in the third and fourth grades, ages 9 and younger, worthy role models while introducing them to medieval times. Published by Medieval Maidens ($5.95, Knoxville, MD, Two of this series feature Mary Tudor, a girl in the court of Henry VII of England who prepares for her sister’s Scottish wedding and feast. A second book is about the celebration of Twelfth Night. This is a highly entertaining way to learn about a past era.”

Read the rest of his June 2012 picks here:

The Mary books can be purchased at the Medieval Maidens online store ( and will be available soon on

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