Young Girls from the Middle Ages


A message from the creator of Medieval Maidens:

In the summer of 2006, I self-published the first book in the Medieval Maidens series. I wanted to help young girls learn about real princesses and what their lives might have been like. My stories are historical fiction. I know that each of the princesses actually lived, but much of what I write is what I think might possibly have happened to them. There is very little written about the childhood of the princesses. I believe that some things about girls never change. I believe many girls look up to their parents and learn from them. I also believe that girls value friendship, even the friendships they have  with their sisters. Girls are also creative and talented and they have always been that way. Girls are individuals with their own personalities and gifts. I hope the Medieval Maidens show us that no matter when girls live, they are special. Enjoy!

Lois Jarman

tel: 301-606-6690

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