Young Girls from the Middle Ages

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Read about Gisela, Adele, Isabelle, Gevrehan, and Mary; take a look at what life was life for peasants and nobility and check out our interactive puzzles!

When you put the puzzle together, the picture will help you answer questions related to what you learned!

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Watch video clips of authentic dances that Gisela, Adele, Isabelle, and Mary might have danced in their fathers’ courts!

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Listen to music that would have been played and sung in the Middle Ages!

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Download pictures of Gisela, Adele, Isabelle, Gevrehan, and Mary to color on your own or with a friend!

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Read about life for the Peasants and the Nobility in the Middle Ages and see how much you learned by playing our trivia games below!
Take the Nobility Quiz

Take the Peasant Life Quiz


Word Search

Find the words within the grid.
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