Young Girls from the Middle Ages

Reader Views Kids looks at Medieval Maidens titles

Reader Views was created in late 2005 as a book review company. The Austin, Texas based company later added a Reader Views Kids division where young readers are able to read and review books for their age category.

Medieval Maidens has had two of its titles go to Reader Views Kids for review: Gevrehan’s Holiday Story by Lois Jarman in 2010 and Mary’s Holiday Story by Tiffany Jansen in 2011. Both titles were reviewed by nine-year-old Madeline McElroy

Mary’s Holiday Story is the second book in the Mary, daughter of Henry VII series and Gevrehan’s Holiday Story is the second book in the Gevrehan, daughter of Sultan Mehmet II series.

Here’s what Madeline had to say about Gevrehan’s Holiday Story:

“I think “Gevrehan’s Holiday Story” can teach kids how other people lived in the Medieval Times.”

Read the review.

Here’s what Madeline had to stay about Mary’s Holiday Story:

“I hope other kids will like “Mary’s Holiday Story” just as much as I did.”

Read the review.

Gevrehan’s Holiday Story and Mary’s Holiday Story can be purchased at the Medieval Maidens online store.

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